Neck Pain

Advanced treatment options for Neck Pain include Deep Tissue Class IV Laser Therapy, Electroanalgesia, and neuromuscular medical massage.

Laser Therapy is used to reduce pain, relieve inflammation, and restore mobility. It uses specific wavelengths of light that have a strong anti-inflammatory effect. Photons of laser energy penetrate deeply into tissue and accelerate cellular reproduction and growth. As a result of exposure to the laser the cells of tendons, ligaments and muscles repair themselves faster. As inflammation is reduced, pain subsides very quickly.

Additionally, Electroanalgesia is now being used to reduce the ability of the afferent nerves to transmit pain signals. This treatment also promotes healing by means of the depolarization effects on the nerve cells. This computer-assisted treatment offers exemplary patient success in the treatment of pain, without piercing the skin.

The best news is that these new therapies are suited for almost everyone and unlike some pharmacological solutions, there are no known negative side effects. Regardless of the therapies you’ve tried in the past you still have a chance to relieve your chronic pain or other debilitating condition and regain a normal healthy lifestyle.

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