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Conveniently located in Cheektowaga on Union Road, our facility has provided a natural solution to pain relief and better health since 2017.

There are precious few medical breakthroughs so amazing that they very literally change the established course of an entire field of medicine. But just as LASIK surgery revolutionized vision care there are now a number of new technologies that are revolutionizing how doctors treat pain. Until recently those suffering from back, neck or extremity pain were severely limited in their treatment options. Physical therapy requires many months and even years of difficult exercises and does not work for many patients. Pain pills and injections only mask the symptoms and provide temporary relief with damaging side effects. Of course there is surgery, but did you know that the International Orthopedics published that 53% of all lumbar back surgeries fail to produce relief of symptoms?

Our strategy is to provide you with the most comprehensive treatment program possible by integrating advanced holistic medicine with the latest technologies. This provides you with the highest chance of reaching your health goals.

Meet Our Staff



Dr. Nightingale is a native of Buffalo, New York where he has been in private practice since 2006. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College and holds a Bachelors degree in Biology from Buffalo State College.

Dr. Nightingale has treated patients of all ages with a variety of conditions including auto and motor vehicle accidents, worker's compensation injuries, personal injury, whiplash injuries, disc herniations, headaches, peripheral neuropathy, migraines, foot, and leg pain. His experience in treating professional and amateur athletes enhances and maximizes performance, giving them that extra competitive edge.

He has devoted a lot of his time treating conditions related to sports related injuries and has worked with many professional and world-class athletes. He is currently working with the Buffalo Sabres and Buffalo Bisons treating the players for any chiropractic needs they may have. He has been an active member of the organizations Professional Sports Care (PSC) and C.E.P.A. (The Chiropractic Association for the Care of Elite and Professional Athletes) C.E.P.A. is dedicated for the inclusion of chiropractic care as a standard part of the multidisciplinary integrated approach of collegiate and professional sports organizations.

He also teaches back safety and ergonomic lifting through Erie Community College in Buffalo area educating many employees and healthcare workers in local hospitals and nursing homes. He is Board certified and licensed in New York State for Chiropractic Care, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Radiology.

"We are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care possible…In a state-of-the-art-facility in Cheektowaga using the latest technology to help treat patients naturally. We have extensive experience treating spinal and neuro-musculoskeletal conditions while promoting optimum health and wellness through preventative chiropractic care and not just treatment of symptoms."

Dr. Nightingale is always accessible in person or by telephone to answer any questions and concerns. We are committed to providing the best quality care that is impossible to find elsewhere while creating lasting relationships with those that honor us with the privilege of caring for their most prized possession, their health and well-being.



Dr. Milioto was born in Buffalo, NY, residing in the town of West Seneca and he has spent 29 years in the beautiful city of Buffalo.  He is a compassionate and empathetic individual and received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from D’Youville College.  In a very small class receiving one on one interactions, he had the honor of learning from Doctors of Chiropractic, physical therapy and general medicine.  He spent a year shadowing radiologist at Western New York MRI learning to recognize a wide array of musculoskeletal issues from degeneration to inflammatory and cancerous states.  He honed his skills and learned the importance of incorporating a total package of care for his patients.  He began his clinical work, at D’Youville’s on campus clinic, treating the general population of over 3500 individuals. Through care, understanding and education he rehabbed his patients and got them back to their daily activities.  From there he had the opportunity to study at ECMC Hospital trauma center where he worked with physical therapists to rehab acute patients, shadowed medical doctors, and managed complex cases with patients from a wide array of chronic to more serious disease states.  He managed patients at U.B. Neuro and DENT Neurologic where he learned to manage severely acute disc patients, and patients who had been through major trauma, including motor vehicle accidents and spinal surgery.

During the final strides of his doctorate, he sought out externships with several local doctors where he continued to learn clinical skills and began to specialize in patient care on all levels including nutrition, therapeutic laser, spinal decompression, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization and muscle relaxation techniques.  New patient’s received thorough examinations with orthopedic and neurologic consultations along with any referrals for blood chemistries or imaging that needed to be ordered and reviewed to provide the best plan for the patient’s needs.  He came to understand how pain affects the whole mind and body and how it becomes difficult for a person to function when they are in pain. With a primary focus on your comfort, lifestyle, physical, mental, and emotional state he hopes to provide the best care possible to each patient.


BRANDON R. SCHULTZ, Office Manager

Brandon is a lifelong resident of Western New York. For thirteen years he worked as a supervisor and the Assistant Director of Security for a national security company at D'Youville College in the heart of Buffalo's West Side. As an officer Brandon worked extensively with administrators, staff, faculty, students, and guests. He was trained continuously in customer service, law enforcement and in dealing with emergent situations.

Prior to his work in security, Brandon worked as a certified nurse's aide. He returned to working in the medical field to help grow a compassionate, comprehensive and capable practice.

If you'd like to learn more about us or our services, always feel free to reach out anytime!

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