WBV Therapy


Reduce Pain, Improve Balance and Circulation- Without Side Effects

Whole Body Vibration (WBV) has in recent years attracted much interest for its applications in healthcare. Research suggests a wide range of benefits, from low back pain reduction, to improvement in walk balance, strength and flexibility for seniors and those suffering from MS, stroke, spinal-cord injury and Parkinson's. In addition, there have been reports and studies on fitness and beauty applications such as weight loss, lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction.

wbvRussian scientists developed the technology in the 1970's to maintain muscle and bone strength in their cosmonauts. Ongoing research has been conducted in over 30 Universities worldwide including positive reports from recent studies by the European Space Agency.

Studies on WBV have shown a doubling in the speed of blood flow through the lower legs when standing on a vibrating platform. Alternatively a peaceful rest on the vibration platform will assist with circulation throughout the whole body increasing lymphatic drainage and toxin release.

WBV has an exciting application in the management of osteoporosis. A number of medical studies have reported positive increases in bone density in both animals and humans. Studies have also shown a reduction in incontinence and constipation.

Is Whole Body Vibration for me?

Vibration sessions on the Power Plate platform range from 2 to 20 minutes, with no need to change into workout clothes. Individuals who are unable to engage in conventional exercise are able to receive a strength training effect, with minimal impact to the joints.

WBV has been shown to achieve its effects without an increase in blood pressure and thus is a very safe form of exercise. The absence of impact forces associated with running or walking mean that WBV allows weight bearing exercise to be performed with much less chance of pain or aggravation of arthritis or other muscuskeletal conditions.

WBV is not suitable for those with a pacemaker, recent fracture, acute thrombosis, gall or kidney stones, malignant tumors or epilepsy.

WholeBodyVibration--element71The underlying principle of vibration exercise is simple. The vibration platform drops a certain distance several times a second. By working through the stretch reflex, muscles are contracted at a high rate through an involuntary mechanism, similar to a knee tendon tap reflex.


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