Foot Pain

Are your daily activities harder because of foot pain? Continuous foot pain isn't normal, but many people choose to accept it as a fact of life when it doesn't have to be. At WNY Pain Relief & Integrative Wellness Center, we offer treatment for foot pain in our conveniently located Buffalo, NY office.

Class IV Therapy Laser - New Technology for Foot Pain

Heel and arch pain is most often caused by plantar fasciitis and can be a debilitating foot problem that sidelines people from work and from their favorite exercise routines.

Plantar fasciitis is an inflammation of the band of tissue that extends from the heel to the toes. The fascia becomes irritated and inflamed resulting in heel pain.

Now, a revolutionary new therapy called Laser Therapy is available in Buffalo, NY at the WNY Pain Relief & Integrative Wellness Center. Laser Therapy provides a new alternative for acute and chronic sufferers of plantar fasciitis, bunion pain, heel pain and pain from neuropathy.  Specific wavelengths of light have a strong anti-inflammatory, anti-edema effect on tissues. Cells repair themselves faster reducing inflammation and providing fast pain relief. It’s around 10 minute, painless treatment with over 90% of patients experiencing positive results.

Laser Therapy has a cumulative effect with an average series of six to twelve treatments prescribed over a few weeks. This innovative treatment gets patients back on their feet faster eliminating the need for medication, painful injections or surgery. For acute and chronic sufferers of plantar fasciitis, bunion pain, heel pain, and pain from neuropathy, Laser Therapy can be the solution.

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